Summa wine

It’s cookin’ outside today and I’ve spent much of the day listening to people complain about it. Although I will admit it’s more humid than I would like, it’s a gorgeous sunny day.  It’s too hot to do much outside NOW, but in a few hours it’s going to be perfect for sitting outside with my hubby and a bottle of vino. Put on some music, chill at the backyard bar and voila – you have one perfecto Friday evening.  We’ll skip the fire tonight, it’s a tad warm for that. It’s never to warm for wine…


courtesy of google

Or beer…..

Or rum punch. Hmmm I may have a theme for tonight – booze. It’s been a long day, a long week and I can’t wait to do nothing tomorrow. It’s a stay-at-home and play all day with the kiddos kind of day . Awesome.  I’m busting out the pop up pool.  I’m dusting off the bathing suit. It may not be the gorgeous in-ground pool I fantasize about having BUT it will do. I’m looking forward to plopping myself in it. 

How do you celebrate your summer nights? Is it ever to hot for wine? 

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