Curses to the internet……

I was asked in a course this past weekend what I didn’t want people to know about me, what was my secret that could compromise what people thought of me.  I didn’t answer, I deflected with a joke about having to choose from so many possibilities.

My mind wandered for a milli-second about what I really didn’t want people to know. And that was about it, that one second.  Other activities came up and so life moved on.

I know the answer to that question without hesitation now.  You know how you can see if people have been viewing your profile on Linkedin? Well, there it was. A face from that chapter I really want to keep suppressed.


via google

These are the serious drawbacks of social media. Once upon a time that person would have had to ride for miles and days and days just to find me! Then they’d have to talk to real live people to ask about if I was around or if they’d heard of me. Even with the telephone, it only got you so far. It took enormous amounts of efforts to do such things and so you just didn’t bother. You let things lie and you move on.

This internet thing, KILLING my ability to stay out of the eye of people I’ve left behind.

What does one do?

How messed up is it going to be by the time my kids are my age? Forty with five billion very public secrets (ok I am 38 and a slight exaggerator BUT you know what I mean) housed online for all to see, remember and stay connected to?!?!?!?

I miss the homing pigeon days…….

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