Inspiration from 2 doors down…

Every now and then we are lucky to have someone cross our path or enter into our world that becomes this fresh and meaningful source of motivation.

It was parent teacher night at the school this evening and so I bumped into several people I haven’t seen in months.  

My daughter is in a new class and has new friends. One such friend lives two doors down. The girls have been eye balling each other in a curious way for years but neither took any measures to actually say HI to one another.  Her mother and I stood near each other in the school yard at pick up time ( you know once you have that “spot” that is exactly where you will be every day for the entire year).  

There was the occasional smile and odd hello. We’d never really had any opportunity to chat.

One day out of the blue we found that first opportunity.  She was backing out of her driveway and as I walked towards her on route to pick up my daughter when she rolled down the window and asked if I wanted a ride. I didn’t even hesitate. Which completely opposes everything I tell my children to do…

In that short seven minute ride I discovered my neighbour was on a journey to lose 75lbs and reclaim her life. She was down 40 lbs before it was confirmed she has MS. She had already been working on creating a lifestyle that included strength training and walking. She knew she had already created a solid foundation for herself to work with and so she was positive about everything. That was last spring.

Fast forward to tonight and our daughters are now BFF’s sitting beside each other in grade 2. 

As I walked into the class room she stood before me speaking with the girls teacher. She looked amazing. Her skin, her smile, her energy shone through. She was glowing. I would guess she is nearing her finish line!

I am so moved by her right now.  I am guilty of making excuses for myself at times.  I know what I am capable of and yet I don’t always draw upon my abilities.   Every day there are these amazing people accomplishing amazing things for themselves one push up at a time.

I came home and worked out.  

I found my new source of inspiration….

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