To froth or not to froth….a day can make a difference.

So it turns out, I’m not my mother, my period just showed up early. It’s got attitude lately. I’m too young for menopause ( or am I? Is that what random chin hairs indicates?)…right? 

I don’t know that I like where my cycle is taking me lately (and right about now the male audience is tuning out / clicking elsewhere), and I know I am not alone. My girlfriends are also acting crazy. Sometimes what makes me feel better about myself is them sharing how insane they have been. I can use that material to remind my  husband he is fortunate to have me….

My husband, for years now, has been saying “chicks are crazy”. His three elder sisters have forever changed how he sees the entire female population. The thing is, myself included here, the examples he has to work with are proving his hypothesis to be correct…..

There is a great book: Consciously Female How to Listen to Your Body and Your Soul For a Healthier Lifetime of Living.  A lot of what it shares in there has changed how I experience myself and my cycle. That said, there are times where your animal side comes out and LOOK OUT WORLD!

This includes going from completely insane ranting lunatic, to being unable to speak due to uncontrollable sobbing. That came last night…..
The upside? Today – I feel AWESOME. So light, care free. I just had to lose my shit for a day and VOILA – the world is rainbows and fairies again. 



I was very well behaved this morning.  There were moments where sparks started to generate within, like when; my son pulled out the Father’s Day present we’ve been secretly working on for about a week now and showed him, or my daughter snapping that she has nothing to wear followed by my youngest, whom is potty training, taking a dump in her underpants…….I kept it together. I took a deep breath and noted…it’s just twelve hours to go until wine……………………

Wishing you a day full of rainbows and fairies…and a great big glass o’wine 🙂

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