A Swift conversion…

I don’t know exactly how or when it happened, but it has. I’ve become a Swiftie. She had me with Shake it Off and then, well she went and topped herself. I find myself cranking “blank space” and belting out the tune even and especially when I’m alone in the car, that’s how I know I am indeed converted. Once upon a time I could say it was as the kiddos were in the car and requesting that the volume be raised. I’d sing along pretending it was just because they liked it.  Now, it’s all me. I love this song! The thoughts that stir up as I listen….holy moly batman.

It’s like the anthem of most crazy 20 something females. Oh sure we thought we were pure awesomesauce but in reality, totally insane! I was completely nuts. When I look back wearing my forty-year old lens I think “what a train wreck”! Weekend get-a-ways in Mexico thanks to a friend with a great perks working for the airline, parties that started Friday and ended Sunday, drugs, booze, sex and pure mental madness. I was in great company, we all thought alike, acted alike and went mad alike. Enablers allow each other to reach new extremes. We were all game and could have cared less what anyone else thought. It was our journey, why place limits on where it could take you? Thankfully this was pre-upload-images-for-every-step-taken days.  We lived in the dark ages where twelve or twenty-four pictures were the limit thereby making them sacred and taken only in “special” moments. Thank goodness for those times, can you imagine what it would be like to see images online of your insane / completely whacko self all these years later? Escaped that pile of evidence, phew!

Most of my “relationships” were based on pure madness. Impulsive moments that would never have otherwise happened if I saw myself differently. I feel like I lived an alternate reality, but nope, that was me. I loved to laugh and was desperate for love. The combination made me insane and fearless.

When I hear the chorus of Swiftie’s tune I think wow, this would have been my anthem lol. I distinctly remember the days of cranking athem-ish tunes like these on my bad-ass cassette deck in my Honda Civic hatch back….

I’ve taken a liking to this lady. The video – most entertaining ….Tell me, has she won you over too?


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