About moi!

Ahh the back story. Where do I begin?

Once upon a time this was a fitness related blog. I posted pictures. I had pages dedicated to resources and aids / stuff for working out. I was all about measuring my inches and posting on line how awesome my weight loss journey was. BoRiNg. That’s not my world anymore. I’ve found peace with myself and look at working out very differently than I once did. I eat real food. I move my body. I’m strong, fit and capable. I just don’t care if I have abs anymore. I like wine, a lot. And chocolate and even – it’s true – white potatoes.

I work out thirty to sixty minutes a day – why leave everything else out and just focus on that?

This is my space for me. Not my coach self – that’s my other blog. Not the adult educator, facilitator or trainer. This is me, just being me. Unfiltered. Unprofessional and at times crude. Myself.

Thanks for joining me on my ride….

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