Samples…….. 2014

My life as a child was wild and carefree,
Afternoons spent exploring or climbing a tree.
Minnow net in one hand, a bucket in the other,
I’d explore with my sister, a friend, and her brother.
I touched minnows, frogs and some snakes,
In the winter made forts while eating falling flakes.
Board games and root beer went hand in hand,
Vacations, Cottage get-a-ways handled – Mom planned.
family meant something. We knew we cared,
Miss and event? Only if you dared.

Today is so different, I fear this change.
It’s making this world feel disconnected and strange.
People don’t talk, they text or poke,
most things do not lead to a thought being provoked.
Children aren’t playing outside of their yard,
scary stories have parents fearful and scarred.

We were the children who ran free and played,
What caused this shift that led our kids lives astray?
Why won’t we give them the freedom we had,
to experience the outdoors in good weather and bad.
To dig in the dirt and play with a worm,
Why must our fears create rules so firm?

Who do we want our children to be..?
Do you remember what you learned being wild and free?
Rules are rules and they do belong,
Just let kids be kids discovering their souls song…


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