A FODMAP friendly request….

It’s been a while since I last published anything here. I have been writing, however, I’ve been keeping my stories private. A little while ago I started to think about the others who were in my stories and I wondered….would they approve of what I am writing? Long story short, after much thought I realized I didn’t want to ask them. I’m writing my perspective, so in lieu of having to be thoughtful and what not I just don’t publish. Today, however, I am writing all about me and so no permission required.

Where to begin….

I feel like I should start with a disclaimer as I am impaired. As a result of my Thanksgiving indulgence I had to pop a pain killer this morning. Scalloped potatoes and cherry pie. Not eaten on the same day, I dare not. Stupidly consumed one day apart and although each were heavenly they both have blown out my bum. Diverticular disease + IBS = don’t eat that shit but it calls to me…sometimes loudly. Following the FODMAP way of eating is not yet equating to eating FUN food. I’m working on it but it is challenging to eat with or to visit family while being so restricted. It’s not like once-upon-a-time wherein if I strayed from my food routine it meant only extra calories (well likely – there was a lot of diversity within my fitness regiment food wise so if I was “Cheating” it was probably some delicious creamy pasta or such). Now straying from the plan means illness and disruption. It’s annoying. Food is becoming my kryptonite.

I’m hoping to connect with others who are following the FODMAP diet to manage their diseases and/or conditions. If you have a blog or are following a great blog or such with FODMAP recipes, would you mind posting a link to the site below in the comments??

I’m hoping by whining out loud (hey it works for my kids after a while lol) I’ll come up with a few new dishes I don’t mind eating alongside others eating scalloped potatoes and cherry pie. It’s a long shot I know, but, one day I may actually learn from my experiences and just stop eating these delicious demonic temptations. I expect my kids to learn from their mistakes, one day soon I will apply that methodology to myself. Yep, one day soon.changeahead

Thanks for any sites you can recommend! I appreciate it.

Be well,



Hitting the juice…

Life has been an adventure as of late. When I think of this past year and all that has been….. well, it’s led to a lot of wine ha ha. 

October is proving to be no less eventful than all previous months. We are ten days in and five of them were spent in hospital with my 18 month old.  She’s on the mend and back at home now. So grateful!!!

Now that my little monkey and I are back at home, it’s back to my need to address something I’ve been avoiding. 

I have had IBS for just over fifteen years now. Sometimes it is a non-issue. Other times, like lately, it’s impacted my over all well being. I’m a digestive disaster. The foods I rely on for weight management are becoming a problem. I’m shooting some of what I’m eating out within the hour.

I’m in the gym when I can, moving myself as much as possible, eating healthy foods and yet it’s all in vain. When you pass it out that quick there’s little of the health benefit being utilized by the body. Some staples in my diet are actually proving more of an issue than others. Like salads. The thirty minutes of enjoyment isn’t worth the torture that follows. Same goes with pretty much everything raw. 

So, in order to get the results I am seeking, I’m trying different things. An example, juicing!

I have researched ways to heal my condition using food. I’m not a pill popper and so I’m not really interested in my Dr’s prescription. It doesn’t address the problem, just temporarily disguises it.

One major life shift is to add green juice to the daily do (the thought being remove the pulp that interferes with my digestion and maximize on the enzymes and nutrients).  My uncle was an obsessed juicer while he fought Pancreatic Cancer. I admit I didn’t jump at the chance to partake despite his many attempts. It was very, well, green looking.

Now, a year later, here I am, a green juice consumer. It tastes like I am licking the front lawn BUT I feel amazing. 


Wheat grass, kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber….
I’ve learned a few tricks to lesson the foam from the grass since this pic 🙂

In addition to this I’ve also taken out red meat ( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), started eating Fish. I’m still working on the fish part….and am seriously mourning the absence of beef.

In the meantime it’s just nice to be home. Our Thanksgiving was full of thanks for amazing pediatric nurses, family/friends and good food (hospital food sucks! ).

I hope that those that were celebrating also enjoyed the opportunity to give thanks to those they love. It’s not just a one time event, take time every day to celebrate those you love. You never know when the moment may come wherein you wish you had ceased moments before…

Be well,


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