Jamaica mon, one love.

It finally happened. Almost nine years later, we went on our honeymoon. It took forever to get here and then in a blink of an eye BLAM – it was over.  Just to make sure I knew it was indeed over Mother Nature blew extra cold air all over my somewhat tanned (I am one who is blessed with super pale skin that goes red, light brown and immediately back to ultra white) face and smacked reality back into me! It worked – message received.

It’s funny how time changes perspectives on honeymoons.  Throughout our time at the Riu in Ocho Rios we witnessed a few beach side weddings. We looked at couples with their lovey eyes and big smiles as they started this next chapter in their lives. We imagined what they would be thinking – possibly “what will their lives be like” together and what not. We know now what is and so there isn’t that magical feeling of what could be, it’s more like we took this time to look at what has happened. Holy cow it’s almost nine years of marriage and ten years together as a couple. It’s amazing how much happens without you really stopping to acknowledge all of it! And so that’s kind of what happened. We had a chance to pause and look at all that has happened and see how it has shaped us as a couple.

I know Dave is amazing. I knew this long before we boarded the plane. We have had several ups and downs and always come out together. From the loss of our baby girl Marie to the celebration of three live births as parents we have experienced so much. We’ve renovated a house doing much of the work ourselves and in many ways worked to build the life we have now, together.  Knowing this and how we act together to help each other I know we will take on all that remains yet to come as a team.

I also know that we need to do more of this, taking breaks and pausing to see and celebrate all that we have accomplished together. You don’t need a beach get away to do this, you just need to create the space and time. We haven’t been doing this enough. The beach was a great place to just empty our brains, delete all responsibilities and just have fun together. We did just that. Swimming, snorkelling, laughing, lots and lots of pina colada “do nothing” moments lounging alongside the beautiful waters…. It was in a word, Irie. Ok two words, it was “Irie mon”.

It’s time to start putting nickels in the piggy bank and seeing how fast they can add up to another escape. Next time the kiddos will be with us, which is how it is and it will be fun. It’s just not light and carefree – if you travel with kids you too know this reality!! For now, our one escape as grown ups free in this world has come to an end. The memories, however, will definitely last forever.

Would I visit Jamaica again? Absolutely.  It is a little piece of heaven on earth……

One love mon,



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